Do you see children?

A. Of course! We love welcoming all kinds of families to our practice, especially those with little members beginning at age 3 who need an extra gentle touch. Our pediatric services are designed to be as comfortable as possible for your son or daughter, and we’ll work with them closely so that they learn the importance of healthy teeth and how to properly care for their smile at home.

How often should I come in for a dental appointment?

A. The American Dental Association recommends that you come in every six months (or twice a year) for a check-up and cleaning. For some patients, it may be strongly recommended to attend more frequent appointments. Dr. Fowler will be sure to let you know what kind of schedule would be ideal for your unique situation so that your teeth and gums can stay healthy throughout the years.

I want to improve the color of my smile. Can you help me?

A. At our Lawrenceburg, KY office, we can provide patients with take-home teeth whitening trays. These can be used on your own schedule in the comfort of your own home; all you have to do is wear your customized tray and high-grade gel together for a recommended period of time each day. Many people notice that their teeth are brighter after the very first application, with the most dramatic changes occurring after a couple of weeks.

What exactly are dental crowns and bridges?

A. Dental crowns are used to effectively “cap” off an area of a tooth that has suffered from severe decay or injury, restoring its full appearance and structure. When paired with a dental bridge, which is used to replace missing teeth, their purpose is to help cement the restoration into place. Many patients appreciate the sturdiness and natural look that crown and bridge treatment provides.

What kind of payment options do you accept?

A. We’re happy to work with patients concerning a wide variety of dental insurance plans. Additionally, we accept cash, check, and all major credit cards along with payment financing options through Care Credit. Take a look at our new patients page to learn more.